Note Recycler SVS4 / SVS5

The note recycler ensures secure storage, correct change to customers and optimised levels for all denominations.

It is also tamper-proof and can only be opened by authorised staff. The note recycler comes with either four or five cassettes to accommodate a varying number of denominations. It can also be equipped with ink protection technology for extra security.

Storage Technology: 4-5 note cassettes depending on model
Note Capacity: 800-1 000 notes depending on model
Recycling: Al notes are recyclable
Deposit: Up to 2 notes per second
Dispense: 2-4 notes per second
Currencies: All major currencies
Measurements: Varying, depending on model
Weight: 65-297 kg, depending on model
Compatible Note Collector: All Note Recyclers have compatible Note Collectors
Ink dyeing option: Yes