Note Deposit SBR2

Note Deposit SBR2 is an intelligent safe that counts your money, tracks the deposits and stores the banknotes in self-sealing CIT bags.

Certified in accordance with EN1143-1 ATM Grade III ATM, note deposit is the only product on the market with the highest applicable security rating in Europe. Note deposit gives you detailed control of all the takings in real time and prints out a receipt for every deposit. The receipt features a complete record of user information, the sum of the deposit, what denominations, and how much of each, were deposited, as well as the total amount in the CIT bag.

Storage Technology: 2 self-sealing CIT bags
Note Capacity: 2 x 1 500 notes
Weight: 680 kg
Width: 560 mm
Height: 965 mm
Depth: 665 mm
Security: EN1143-1 Grade III ATM
Lock: Electronic, high-security lock. Customisable options are available.
Bags: Self-sealing and tamper-proof.
External Interface: EasyConnect interface for connection to the note mover. USB for PC connection.
Power: CashGuard Power Supply
Options: Bar code scanner and printer
Software: CashGuard Store Manager application, PC with Windows.