Coin Recycler MVS8

This coin recycler is tamper-proof, compact and built to achieve problem-free up-time and 24/7-operations.

It features serial coin feeding and counts and tracks the coins automatically. The information is then transferred to the back-office software. An electronic lock, that tracks and records any opening, protects the money. That creates a safe and accurate coin management experience for customers, staff and management.

Number of Denominations: Up to 8 denominations
Coin Capacity: 300-550 depending on denomination and currency
Recycling: All coins are recyclable
Feeding: Up to 1.7 coins per second
Dispense: 5-8 coins per second, depending on denomination
Currencies: Major currencies
Display: Integrated Customer Display
Width: 320 mm
Height: 520-585 mm depending on model
Depth: 297-311 mm depending on model
Weight: 25-26 kg depending on model (excluding coins)